Have you considered carpet tiles for your commercial installation?

When it comes to commercial flooring, carpet tiles have become increasingly popular, and for many great reasons. They are stunning to look at, provide exceptional durability, and offer a lifespan that makes it all well worth your while. To find out more about how these products might best serve your location, visit us or read along here for facts that might surprise you.

Benefits are plentiful for carpet tiles

An easy install is one of the best things about using these tiles for your commercial carpet needs. So many products featuring the peel and stick installation method go into place flawlessly and with exceptional speed. These factors are essential when running a business, and we know that downtime should be kept to a minimum.

We know that visual appeal is important too, and carpet tiles offer plenty of that. In addition to solid colors and gorgeous fiber types and heights, you'll find patterned options you can arrange in any pattern you like to create a visual that is striking and gorgeous. Be sure to not only browse all our visual selections but take time to speak with our designers, who can share beautiful ways to put them together.

Durability is important too, and it's just another option you'll find on these floors for your convenience. Again, only the most durable fiber options are chosen, and you’ll find a low pile that’s easy to keep clean and resists crushing, even in heavy traffic. Be sure to take your time as you browse for the perfect options, as many will cater to your needs.

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Legacy Floor Services INC offers an outstanding selection of materials and services that cater to any flooring need you might have. When that need involves carpet tiles for a commercial location, we have the experience and understanding that unique options are necessary here. We cater to those intricacies with materials and customer care for results you'll find perfect for you and your business. It all starts in our showroom in Denver, NC, where we cater to residents from Denver, NC, Lake Norman, NC, Charlotte, NC, Huntersville, NC, Greenville, SC, and Spartanburg, SC. We invite you to visit us and work to ensure your complete satisfaction at every turn. Please stop by today to view our entire selection, as well as carpet squares that could genuinely be perfect for your every area.